Free Tours and Activities South Maui

Kihei, Wailea, and Makena

Free tours South Maui will reveal some of the free things as well as the very low cost Maui vacation ideas. We hope by providing you these free family vacation ideas for your Hawaii vacation it will be more affordable and enjoyable.
Additional Free Vacation Things To Do, are available for the following areas as well as the whole Island.

  • Free Things; Central Maui
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    The list of free tours and activities for South Maui that interest you, should be recorded in the Day List section of your Get Me To Maui vacation planner so you can remember them, or just download the PDF and take it with you.

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    Free tours pages are full of low cost alternatives to paid tours and activities. Please take advantage of the free tours and free activities when when ever possible, but most of all enjoy yourself.

    Since Kihei, Wailea, and Makena include the best Maui beaches, water activities are obvious. Refer to our beach safety guide and enjoy the beaches while keeping yourself safe.

    The Get Me To Maui paid tour providers and activities consultants provide 1 on 1 concierge service both before and after you arrive on Maui. An excellent advantage for handling, reschedules, cancellations, and emergencies, their service will make your stay more enjoyable. Check out the website here to get ideas of what is available you will be surprised, Get Me To Maui Tours and Activities.

    If pre-purchasing your activities is not what you are up for, and you think you can do better once there, please at least write down this phone number in your planner and call them if you need them on the island, 1-888-870-2097. Lori should be your contact person.

    Did you know you can do multiple activities daily with one fee, just like Disneyland, just by purchasing a Go Maui Card, see our Maui Go Card.

    Makena, Wailea, Kihei, Free tours and low cost activities

    • "FREE" Activity Parks

      Parks make the best value on Maui, free to use and enjoy, facilities, lifeguards on some, great sand, and exceptional Hawaiians to share the day with. See the Kihei page for a detailed listing and in Wailea and Makena Page for their respective parks.

    • "FREE" Activity Hike beyond Big Beach to the last Lava flow,

      'Ahihi Kina'u Natural Area Reserve Trail is an excellent easy hike to some of the lava cliffs and secluded beaches on Haleakala's dry barren side. Bring your own water and sunblock; there are porta-potties at the parking lot. Closed toe shoes are recommended. Note sections of the reserve are closed to foot and vehicle traffic to allow nature to rebuild itself, see map. Download closed area Map Stay on the road until you get to the last parking area to start your hike. This may be a free tours but, Please do not remove anything from this area the spirits of Maui bring bad luck to those who mess with their property.

    • "FREE" Tours Hike to Last Cinder Cone,

      This area has been closed to foot traffic. If interested download this brochure to see details of closure. I did tis last year before the area was closed, it is best in the afternoon but get back down before dark. Hike through the lava fields to the last eruption of Haleakala, Lava tubes and the explosive forces of nature will astound you and leave you in awe of her power. You can just imagine the thoughts the early Hawaiians had, when they saw on the mountains the lava lighting the sky and shaking the ground.

    • "FREE" Activity Snorkel

      The beach beside the Maui Prince Resort is great, sometimes referred to as Turtle Town. Past Makena La Perouse Bay is an excellent spot for snorkeling, be as light as you can and DO Not stand on the coral or lava. Charley Young's beach pretty good, the rocks at the north end of South Kihei Rd. just across from La Bahia and Rainbow Mall. The lava rock outcropping between the Kamaole Beach Parks, make good snorkeling. Ulua Beach in Wailea, has easy parking and full facilities. The lava rock outcropping between the beaches is great. Polo Beach can be good in am., turn towards the beach where Wailea Alanui Rd. in Wailea changes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes.

    • Tennis

      "FREE" Activity Kihei Kalama Park,
      "FREE" Kihei Beach Reserve(Waipuilani Park),
      $$$$ Makena Tennis Club,
      $$$$ Wailea Tennis Club.

    • "FREE" Tours Visit Keawalai Church beside the Maui Prince Resort

      Old Hawaiian church restored to its original beauty, a great place to just stop and meditate on how blessed you are to be in a paradise sculpted by a higher power. When he got it all right he put it all in one spot, Maui

    • "FREE" Activity Beaches, Best Beaches on Maui

      Big beach, No other beach on Maui is as grand as Big Beach, go through Wailea and Makena till you see the parking areas on your right. Secluded, huge amounts of sand, good waves, porta-potties, this beach is worth a day on Maui. For the true sun worshiper at the right end of Big Beach is a lava outcropping, climb over it and you will be at the famous Little Beach, nature's original dress code.
      Little beach is famous for being a clothing optional beach, illegal on Maui but usually not harassed. Is little beach a nude beach? Yes if you so wish, but it is still illegal.
      Spend a day on the beaches of Kihei bring a change of clothes and stay for a nice affordable dinner at any of Kihei great eateries. Kihei has ball fields, lighted skate park, lighted skating rink, soccer fields, public aquatics center, tennis courts, just about everything here is free or requires a slight rental charge. This is a great place for families, and couples .
      Wailea Beach oceanfront walkway is the grand daddy of beach walks, spend a day at the beach and stroll through the worlds most luxurious resorts and sample their offerings. It is quite a site. Sunsets are the best time to hold your loved one and remember your first kiss as the sun touches the waters. That is Aloha.

    • "FREE" Activity Volley Ball at Kihei

      Get in on a volleyball game at Kihei beach.

    • "FREE" Tours Art tour

      Free tours at the Art & Sculptures at the Grand Wailea Resort.

    • "FREE" Tours Arts and Crafts exhibitions

      Visit Hana Ka Lima Arts & Crafts exhibition, on Fridays at the Outrigger Palms at Wailea

    • "FREE" Tours Hawaii Arts and Craft Demonstration

      Stop by Auntie Aloha' Hawaiian Hut at the Maui Lu resort in Kihei, featuring 50 Hawaiian artist, demonstrations of work in progress.

    • "FREE" Tours Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

      Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is located in West Kihei. The self guided tour in their new buildings is a great way to spend an hour or two learning about the contributions and harm whaling brought to Maui and her people.

    • "FREE" Tours Kihei Boat Landing

      Visit the Kihei Boat landing, mostly used by tour companies, this small park has nature trails rehabilitated for your enjoyment. Off on the left side of the ramp you will see the pathways. Facilities are available.

    • "FREE" Activity Sunsets

      Sunsets; Awesome Sunsets, The Best Sunsets, The once in your lifetime chance to see a different spectacular sunset everyday is in Makena, Wailea, and Kihei. Find a beach, restaurant, bar, bench or plant your butt in the sand and watch the greatest show on earth. Men for once sit down, shut up, and hold her hand, be thank-full she puts up with you.
    • "FREE" Stargazing

      Go Stargazing along the beach path in Wailea, or at one of the many parks in Kihei. Just get out of the lights and look up.

    • "FREE" Tours Kealia Pond Wildlife Refuge

      Stroll the paths at Kealia Pond Wildlife Refuge If you are a nature lover this reserve is the best for seeing Maui's endangered species. Located to the west end of Kihei almost into Maalaea area.

    • "FREE" Activity Visit a Farmers Market

      While I stretched this to be a free tours it is a great way to get fresh foods and different art and crafts for souvenirs. Maui's Farmers Market, offer fresh produce, island fruits, baked goods, salsas, dip, and fresh flowers. Free samples will take the edge off your hunger. South Maui: 61 S. Kihei Rd. (across from Kihei Canoe Club), Kihei, open Mon-Thurs 8:00am-4:00pm, Fri 8:00am-5:00pm.
    • "LOW COST" Surfboard & Snorkel rental

      Weekly rental of snorkel gear and Surfboards are available in Kihei, if you have never tried to surf; Kihei is as good a spot to learn as any. Take a lesson and learn don't miss this opportunity.

    • "LOW COST" Rent A Bike

      Weekly bike rentals are pretty reasonable bike all three of these areas, bike lanes and sidewalks are in place you can create your own tour on a bike. See the area like a local sees it, slow and in the open air.

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