Free Things To Do On Maui

When I visit Maui I am always looking for the free things to do, mostly because I am a tightwad by nature. Tours, activities, shopping, almost everything on Maui can be done on your own if you are accustomed to the task. I have found some of the the most memorable Maui activities are the free things that you just do spontaneously. I do not like schedules on vacation but I do want a general days break down of opportunities fro things to do.

Do I spend money on free tours?

You bet because some just rock beyond all others. Also I want to try something new while on vacation and live through it, paid tours have the training and background necessary to keep me alive They won't let me fly a helicopter on my own, sissies.

These free tours should not be replacement for the paid tours on Maui but as a compliment to them. Schedule in advance the and surround them with the free things to do listed on this site.

Since this site is based on separated areas of Maui just look at the free list pages that corresponds to the area you will be in on your paid activities and you can fill the rest of the day with free things to do.

When I refer to a free activity it may require a rental like a bike, surfboard or snorkel gear. With the cost the airlines are nailing us with today to ship extra bags renting is usually a better value.

Check out these links to pages that represent the areas of Maui. Each is available as a PDF download so print them and take them with you.

After you select a Day list of free things to do write them down on the planner's day list, and take that with you to Maui. If you do not have our planner please download it and and use it to help plan your Maui vacation.

Use the planner to learn how to save money on any vacation when you take the time to plan.