Maui Go card and the Maui Pass

A Maui Go Card in your wallet is as good cash when it comes to activities on Maui. Unlimited admission to some of Maui's best attractions. The card is designed to be purchased before you come and then used for admission to activities, tours, and additional discounts in stores and dining.

How does it work

The cards are sold in 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, 5 day, and a 7 day card. The Maui Pass card is activated the first time you use it and that is when your daily time limit starts. It is good for each day but the days do not have to run consecutively. So if you are staying in Maui for ten day and you purchased a 5 day card you can use it on day 2, day 4, day 5, day 7, day 8 and day 9. It is best to not to try to fill everyday as you will need some rest. The cards are good until the end of the year following the year you purchase them.

Should I purchase a Maui Go Card

As the name implies it is an GO card and you will need to do as much as you can each day that you plan to use the card to get its best rewards. You can do the same activity daily but only once per day. The cards are a wonderful budgeting tool because you already know how much you will be spending on activities. The best deal is on the cards for 2 days and up. The 5 day card is less than a hundred dollars a day, an amount easily passed when paying full price for activities.

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Why I shouldn't purchase the Maui Go Card

If you are planning on one activity a day, then you will not get a benefit from purchasing the card. A more suitable discount program for you may be the Maui Gold Card program. either way you will be saving money and that is good.

What Activities does the Maui Go card include?

Includes general admission to many of Maui's best attractions;
  • Sailing, Snorkel, Dinner cruises, Whale watch tours
  • Haleakala Bike rides, Kayak Tours, Maui golf and Sports Park
  • Maui's Favorite Attraction the, Maui Ocean Center
  • Maui surfing lessons, Weekly dlx. Snorkel rentals.
  • Boogie Board rentals, Surf board rentals Hawaii Nature Center, Luaus, Surfing Goat farm, Museums
  • Shopping and Dinning discounts and freebies
  • Even Rental car discounts
The Maui Go Card website can explain in more details all the exceptional opportunities this card allows you.

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