Maui Gold Card A3H

Hawaii Gold CardDiscount activities on Maui Hawaii are a welcome savings for many of our visitors. The Maui Gold Card is a discount card program run by the Activities, and Attractions Association (A3H) of Hawaii. Since A3H is a trade association, it is owned by the activity companies themselves, allowing direct bookings and the best times can be reserved for their own customers first.

A3H Maui Gold Discount Card Benefits

  • Looks like a credit card
  • Easy to hold on to, No papers to loose in travel
  • Sold only to Pre-Arriving Visitors, purchase in the comfort of your home, you will never be rushed or pressured
  • Good for up to 4 people, WOW one card up to 4 people
  • Good for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Covers Activities, Shopping and Restaurant
  • Discounts offered to 25%
  • No required grouping of activities
  • Reputable legitimate companies only
  • Can be used over and over

Direct Secure Reservations

The A3H Website is a great place to research and learn about the activity discounts, available times, and the direct phone numbers are posted so you can feel secure knowing your reservation will be made for the time you wanted. This is a huge benefit over the wholesale companies who are limited on the time slots and number of sales they can make. Who would you rather get information from and make a deal with the owner or a person paid to sell you.

False Discounts

Just like any retail advertising program you never know what the real cost should be. The The Maui Gold Card will ensure you are receiving the highest entertainment value for your money while on the Hawaiian islands. No timeshare programs or other hoops to jump through, no super advertising budgets to pay for, just an association of like minded business owners giving you discounts for your activity purchases. This is a great deal, don't be a victim of slick ads, inflated prices, or additional non disclosed requirements.

Most Popular Activities

There is no set most popular list of activities. It all depends on the visitor and their preferences so just come to Hawaii, enjoy the activities that you will feel most comfortable with and book through the A3H Website or call toll free numbers and set up your whole vacation schedule.

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