Maui Rental Guide

Maui rentals; Hotels, condos, luxury rentals, bed breakfast, inn, resorts, you name it Maui has it. Your decision on which to stay in should be based on your budget, as well as, how you plan to vacation.

Where to Start

Where to start you search is probably the hardest part of the planning process. If you download our planner we will walk you through this process and guide you in the how to find the best Maui rental hotels. You can download it here and use it build your perfect Maui vacation.

The planner starts with building your budget so you can make informed decisions on what you can afford. This keeps the smoke out of your eyes so you are focused on your vacation. Visit our Hawaii Discounts page get discount books, cards and deals for food, lodging, activities, and car rentals.
Once you have decided on your vacation details visit the Maui Coupons page for free dining and activities coupons.

If crowds, bother you or high food cost give you the willies, consider smaller hotels. One I love to stay in is the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. Reasonable cost, many free activities, located in the heart of Ka'anapali and referred to as the most Hawaiian resort, make this an excellent choice for your Vacation.

Smart vacationers love the Maui Vacation Rentals. With one of these very affordable rentals you can eat in for some meals, savings a big chunk of the food budget. Plus most will come with beach toys, towels, and all the things you need to make your family vacation special. Do a search and see how affordable a vacation condo rental can be.

What are my choices

Which lodging you select is your choice, "No Pre arranged deals to force you into a place you do not like", find the one that fits your budget and area where you will be most comfortable.


What I refer to as a resort is usually a bigger complex offering a destination designed to keep you entertained as well as keep you inside its walls. They are designed to offer you no reason to leave thus cost charges cover this convenience. My personality of spontaneity does not fit into a resort style of vacation so I shy away from these.

Vacation Condo Rentals

Maui Vacation Rentals, are plentiful and not usually offered through the bigger search engines they are usually personally owned but may be managed by the resort companies giving you the benefit of lower rates, lower meals, and someone to call on to manage the unit. This is probably the best deal for larger families who want to be together.

Vacation Home Rentals

Vacation Home Rentals Maui rental include many private vacation home rentals available to choose from. You loose the benefit of a managed unit but you gain space. Larger groups can really appreciate the use of a vacation home. For the special vacations like a wedding party a vacation home will be a great asset to the whole trip.

Hostel Rentals

Maui rental options include many hostels to choose from, this is usually reserved for college aged kids and people working on a very low budget. Starting around $25.00 a night one can get a bunk, a shower, have a breakfast and be in paradise. Some hostels offer separate rooms for couples as well as families. All require a departure ticket, these are not apartments or meant to be monthly rentals. Wireless internet, group trips, transportation and other amenities are perfect for the traveling youth to come to Maui and experience this amazing Hawaiian island. Here are a few to start you off getting to Maui.

What ever you choose to stay in in Maui it will have view, it will be your decision and you will know you paid a good rate for it, if you follow our outline.

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