Free Tours and Activities Central Maui

Wailuki, Kahului, Maakaea

Free Tours Central Maui will cover some of the free things as well as the very low cost Maui vacation ideas. Central Maui is sometimes never visited by vacationers since advertisers steer them to the resort areas. We hope by providing you these free central Maui vacation ideas for your Maui vacation will be more enjoyable.

Additional Free Vacation Things To Do, are available for the following areas as well as the whole Island.

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The list of free tours and free activities for Central Maui that interest you, should be recorded in the Day List section of your Get Me To Maui vacation planner so you can remember them. Or just download the page and place it in your folder to take with you.

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Record into your day list only the things that interest you, even the free tours are hard to remember, keep them with you in your trip folder so you can have them when you get to Maui. Our Day List is only meant to be an outline, this is your vacation, plan only the paid activities and then surround them with the free tours and activities.

Free tours and free activities is full of low cost alternatives to paid tours and activities. Get-Me To-Maui has paid tours but the cost to do only paid tours can get very high. Your budget from your planner worksheet should guide your decision and be your motivator if your budget is low. Please take advantage of the free tours and free activities whenever possible.

Want to see what paid tours are available? Check out the website here to get ideas of what is available, you will be surprised, Get Me To Maui Tours and Activities.

If pre-purchasing your activities is not what you are up for, and you think you can do better once there, please at least write down this phone number in your planner and call them if you need them on the island, 1-888-870-2097. Lori should be your contact person.
Always check for the best deals, no use sitting next to someone who paid $30.00 less to see the same Luau as you.

Did you know you can save on multiple activities just by purchasing a Go Maui Card, see our Maui discounts page for other ways to save money on your Maui Vacation.

Wailuki, Kahului, Maakaea,
Free tours and low cost activities

  • "FREE" Activity Parks

    Parks make the best value on Maui, free to use and enjoy. Some are located on the water and some inland.
  • Kanaha Beach Park One of Maui's greatest parks, tucked in behind the airport; Full Facilities, kite surfers, & wind surfing, mountain biking, volley ball courts, parking etc.
  • Waihee Beach Park More laid back and not as much happening, this is a good park to just relax in.
  • H.A. Baldwin Park Lifeguards, pavilion, facilities, good safe swimming for children, and close to town for any items you may need.
  • Ho'okipa Beach Park Not great swimming but excellent Board surfing, Kite surfing and Wind surfing, pavilions, bathrooms, and an observation area to get up close to the action in the water.

  • "FREE" Activity Hike, Waihee Ridge

    Moderate hike in Wailuku but it does have a lot of elevation to it, over 1500 feet of change. About 5 miles round trip.
  • "FREE" Activity Hike, Waihee Valley

    Moderate hike in below the Ridge hike, it is private property where you park at and they will charge you a little fee. See the link above for the best representation I have seen for this hike.

  • Tennis

    "FREE" Activity Kalama Park,
    "FREE" Kahului Community Center),
    "FREE" War Memorial Park,
    "FREE" Wells Community Complex.

  • "FREE" Activity Beach combing at Waihee Beach or Kanaha Beach

    You will need to get up early and get on the beach to do this one. Walk and pick up whatever shells you can find.

  • "FREE" Tours Iao Needle

    Visit the Iao Needle park and historical center, learn how this area reserved for Hawaii's Royalty burials is haunted by it horrific past. Beautiful calming tour through Japanese influenced gardens. Bring your camera.

  • "FREE" Tour Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens

    Wonderful free tours, through a beautiful meticulously manicured Japanese garden. Next to the Iao Needle.

  • "FREE" Tours Visit Haleki'i and Pihana, Heiau

    Easy access to these Hawaiian structures of religious and historical importance makes this a must stop just to see the views. A heiau is a religious place of worship and or sacrifice used by the Hawaiians up till contact with the west. The free tours include plaques that will guide you through the construction and use of this temple.

  • "FREE" Tours Kealia Pond Wildlife Refuge

    Stroll the paths at Kealia Pond Wildlife Refuge If you are a nature lover this reserve is the best for seeing Maui's endangered species. Located to the west end of Kihei almost into Maalaea area.

  • "FREE" Activity Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary bird watcher paradise with its 143-acre preserve and nesting site for endangered and migratory birds. This once royal fishing pond has been preserved for future enjoyment. Bring binoculars and cameras to catch some of nature's endangered species in their natural homes.

  • "COST" Activity Maui Arts & Culture Center

    For those of us with out art or culture this is a great place to catch a show. Check the listing for when you will be on vacation as the pricing is very reasonable and the show are top notch. Ballet, Music, Theater, Dance, and Slack Key performances.

  • "FREE" Tour Maui Arts Guild

    A cooperative of Maui's artist featuring 100% handmade artwork in a gallery setting. Come and talk to and watch these artisans do their magic.

  • "FREE" Hula show at the Ka'ahumanu Center

    Visit or shop at Queen Ka'ahumanu center, and while there plan to see a hula show for free. Call 808-877-3369 for dates and times.

  • "FREE" Activity Visit a Farmers Market

    While I stretched this to be a free tours, it is a great way to get fresh foods and different art and crafts for souvenirs. Maui's Farmers Markets, offer fresh produce, island fruits, baked goods, salsas, dip, and fresh flowers. Free samples will take the edge off your hunger.
    1. The Wailuku Farmers Market in County parking lot on Market Street Monday-Friday, 8 am - 6 pm
    2. Ohana Farmers Market at Kahului Shopping Center by Ah Fooks Supermarket, Ka`ahumanu Blvd. Wednesday, 6 am - 1 pm
    3. Ohana Farmers Market in Queen Ka'ahumanu Center, Ka'ahumanu Blvd., Kahului Friday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm.
    4. Maui Mall is the location of another Friday market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • "FREE" Tours Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

    Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is located in West Kihei. With the self guided free tours in their new buildings is a great way to spend an hour or two learning about the contributions and harm whaling brought to Maui and her people.

  • "COST" less than $5 A&B Sugar Museum

    This Museum is a last of its kind. While A&B is the last sugar producer on Maui the history of sugar impact can not go untold. Visit this museum and see how labor intensive your sweetener is. Great break from a day in the sun.

  • "COST" about $5 Bailey House Museum

    A historic house built on royal land and used as a girls seminary until the Baileys live there. Great examples of Hawaii's culture, furnishings, and painting from the nineteenth century Maui. Wailuku

  • "COST" About $17 Tours Maui Ocean Center

    There are things you will remember about Maui forever, it may be a sunset, a moment or this place of underwater entertainment. I include this in the free tours to do area because it is well worth the admission price. You can get discounts at our Maui discounts page if you want. I can not say how much you will enjoy the hands on demonstrations and the knowledge you will come away with. This place will change how you see the marine life surrounding you on Maui. Do Not Miss This.

  • "COST" about $11 adult Activity Maui Tropical Plantation

    You are standing in a paradise of tropical plants, do you know where they came from?, not Maui. Coffee beans, protea, flowering and fruit trees of every kind. It is a cooling and relaxing tram ride through some of the weirdest looking plants in the world. You and your family will learn a lot, relax a lot and enjoy this educational look at Maui's agricultural offerings.

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Keep with you in Maui.

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