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Hawaiian Islands

Maui Specific Information

Maui News Lahaina current history

A reporter’s life on Maui working for a Maui newspaper shares and highlights over 35 years in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Learn the history of how the island came to be this travel destination. Up-to-date concerns that affect every visitor. Take a writer’s personal journey through life in Maui.

This is a must read for anyone visiting or living on Maui, if you are not hooked by the first page you will not understand the people and the soul of Maui.

Continental United states

Get Away Vacations

Away From The Maddening Crowd

Get Away From the Maddening Crowd and experience a "crowd-free" vacation! Choose a place from our many getaways to create special memories for couples and families, whether your preference is hiking, camping, cozy cabins, hot springs, romantic getaways, ski resorts, etc.

Bellingham Washington Travel Guide

Bellingham Washington

If your thinking about traveling to Washington, Bellingham, WA is a great place to visit for all outdoor enthusiasts! No other place can you ski Mount Baker and sail, boat, or kayak the San Juan Islands all in one day! Bellingham is loaded with miles upon miles of hiking/biking trails, many museums, and an art-lovers paradise!

Family Child Safe Vacations

Family Vacation Ideas

My Family Break
My Family Break is a network of parents sharing their experiences of holiday and vacation destinations and hotels that are especially suitable for children.


South America

Other Continents

Tenerife vacation ideas

Holiday home in Tenerife insider.
A guide by a foreigner with unusual tips for holiday home in Tenerife as well as vacation ideas where most are for free, property to buy and rent, living abroad, attractions, entertainment, culture, shopping and more.



Christian Weddings

Create A Christian Wedding

Create A Christian Wedding; Welcome to, your source for Christian wedding ideas. Find ideas for vows, Bible verses, invitations, unity sand ceremony, unity candle ceremony, bouquets,favors, craft ideas, and everything pertaining to weddings.

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