Maui's Home Town Secret

Aloha Kihei Couple Beautiful Sunset Maui Beach

Kihei is my favorite town on Maui. Built in the 70's this area was a builders free for all. Planning was not a big thing back then so the area ended up looking like a normal beach town. The Hawaiian Aloha spirit, you hear so much about, is defiantly entrenched in the people and businesses here.

One special note for this area is you can actually see the beaches from the main road. The beaches and parks are on one side of the main road and the buildings are on the other, leaving room for ball fields, skate rinks, skateboard parks, bathrooms etc.

Lodging rates for this area seem lower than other areas, but the truly outstanding deals come from the many owner rented condos.

Small cafés, open-air restaurants, shopping centers, condos and local residences add the character that flows here. You will feel at home in this town.

A public golf course is located right inside of town. Elleair golf course is convenient and affordable. Take a break and get a round in.

From beaches to lodging to late night happenings, Kihei has it all.


Shopping is like all other areas of Maui; plentiful. About 7 shopping centers will keep you busy as well farmers market and multiple local swap meets. Azeka Place, Lipoa center, Kukui Mall, Dolphin Plaza, Rainbow Mall, and the Kamaole Beach Center round out days of shopping. Easy parking and easy walking make shopping here relaxed. Just up the street in Wailea, is the Shops at Wailea for upscale shops and dining. Check it out on Wednesday for art night and enjoy complementary wine and music.


Dry with very little sustained rain sometimes a few sprinkles will fall but they are short and light. The trade winds will pick up about 11:00 am and start cooling things off.


Condos can be rented here for less $100.00 per night. Search out he best condo deals through the search engines as well as just an Internet search. There are a few hotels located in town, rates at these hotels are very affordable compared to some other areas. Most rentals here are from locally owned properties not from resort owned, so when you find one check out the reviews on Maui Vacation Rentals .


Dining Options are numerous, more affordable and more diverse than in the larger tourist areas. With Kihei’s location comes an absolute explosive sunset opportunity for each day. Plan a dinner at one of the many open-air restaurants for a picture moment. More information on Dining can be found here at Kihei Dining Page.


Walking is the main way of transportation here, biking is second and skates come in third. Scooters are plentiful especially with gas edging the $5.00 mark. Through traffic on the main road is slow and most stay on Piilani Highway above Kihei to get to Wailea and Makena areas. Sidewalks and bike paths create a safe way to get around.


Beaches in Kihei are like the Parks some good for surfing, some for swimming, and some for fishing. Visit our Beaches page to get the list and plan your visits to some of Maui's top beaches.


Twelve parks make up the park system in town. Most are connected to each other and this is what makes the area great. The whole area is centered around family life and togetherness. Below is the list of Parks clicking on the name will take you to the official Maui County page for more information.

Park Name Park Name Park Name
Charlie Young Park Kamaole I Kenoilo Recreation Complex
Cove Park Kamaole II Aquatics Center
Kalama Park Kihei-Beach Reserve Mai Poina Park
Kalepoepo Park Kamaole III Po’olenalena Park

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