Maui dining can be the main reason people visit this vacation getaway. Available eateries provide everything you can imagine to please our palates. Local style small cafe's to large resort buffet halls its here to enjoy.

Most people think of dining as going into a building sitting down and being served. While that is true here, there are also other types of Maui dining available.

  • Delis are everywhere on the island, get it to go eat on the beach or park.
  • Roadside taco stands, grills and sandwich stands dot the landscape at entrances to beaches.
  • Grocery stores with full prepared food sections create yet another venue for your dining wishes.
  • Luaus, shows, and theaters mostly provide some type of foods when purchasing certain show times.
  • Food courts, Picnic lunches, convenience store lunches

Yes Maui dining is as diverse as you can imagine. Be different, a romantic snack in a park or on a beach is still romantic and sometimes it can get out of hand when you are in a out of the way place.

Dining prices fall into three categories for me; Reasonable, I can live with it, and You got to be kidding. When I am at home I stay around the first two, when on vacation I try to stay around the first two too. Why because I am a tight wad and it is just food. After the first couple of bites it is just something to eat, until the next time you are hungry. Don’t get me wrong I will splurge occasionally, when I do go it is for a very special occasion. Use your own judgment here, you can spend a lot of money on food or you can spend it in a spa or a golf course.

Why Not eat at the Resort?

Simple answer; resorts are usually overpriced for their offerings. Service is not always up to par for the price, but they know most people will eat there anyway. Charging it to your room makes it cheap feeling until check out day, and the smaller establishments know they have to exceed your expectations or be out of business.

Please use the following links to get more detailed Maui dining information that is divided into areas of Maui. This will allow more vacation time spent vacationing and less driving to a restaurant.

Maui Dining Restaurants by Areas

West Maui Dining West Maui Dining Guide

Lahaina Dining Lahaina Dining Guide

Paia Dining Paia Dining Guide

Kahului Dining Kahului Dining Guide

Wailuku Dining Wailuku Dining Guide

Upcountry Dining Serving the Makawao, Haiku, Ulupalakua, Olinda, Kula, and Haleakala area.

Kihei Dining Kiehi Dining Guide

Wailea Dining Guide Serving North and South Kihei area.

Which Area To Stay In

One of the main aspects of staying on your budget is knowing where to stay. Each area or town in Maui seems to hold a different cost structures, but since the island is easily traveled staying in a more affordable area can prove beneficial to your vacation budget.

Maui Lodging, Where to stay?

Lodging on Maui is a buffet of choices. Find the one that fits you. Review the offerings and consider your choices before paying too much for services you will not use. House, Condo, Hotel, or Grand Resort; get started with the Maui Lodging page to find your, home away from home.

Beaches Which one and Where

There are 82 beaches on Maui some excellent some OK. Some easy to find and some are romantic hideaways. What ever you are looking for there is a beach to deliver it. Find the good, the bad, and the ugly. Where are child safe beaches, beaches with facilities and those with lifeguards. Even the not so secret little nude beach.

Activities In Paradise

After the area, the food, and the lodging are taken care of you will need adventures to tell your friends about. Get Me To Maui's activity pages will sort the good from the bad and create the life lasting memories of when "I Did That On Maui". (COMING SOON)

Maui Golf Play the PGA way

Paradise just wouldn't exists with out golf and Maui is paradise so we have golf. Sort out the best course for your level of play and budget. Get tips on play times, and how to keep your significant other happy while you play your best game.

Free thing To Do On Maui

Getting budget shock by the cost of some activities on Maui, have no fear. We deliver over a hundred free activities for you and your family. We even list a few that cost a little but are low priced for what you get. Read, Plan, and enjoy yourself more knowing you can save big with these activities.

Check back often we are constantly adding pages and offers. I write pretty slow. You may not be ready to go to maui this year but when you are we will Get You To Maui.


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