Lahaina is called the "Jewel in the crown of Maui" and she is. Originally the whaling capital and is now the place to visit on Maui. Shopping and dining is the main draw here but look closely and you will see a huge Art district, malls, jewelery stores, world class restaurants, and some of the most colorful locals on the Island.

Driving around on the tight roads with tourist everywhere is not recommended. There is parking through out the area. Park and walk, take time to shop and enjoy the views. Free activities here are many but the most done, is people watching.

Restaurants on the water front side of Front Street are expensive but on the land side they are more affordable. A better deal is to walk one block over and stroll down Wainee Street here you will find more family owned better value restaurants. Shopping Off Front street will get you boutiques, galleries, and better values.

The Lahaina-Harbor is located behind the Courthouse, cruise ships drop off tourist and the fishing and dinner cruise boats are located here.

There are NOT a lot of accommodations here but they are five minute up the street at Kaanapali.

Art is the talk on Friday nights as the galleries open with champagne and treats for all who meander in. This is a great night to visit as most artist are available to meet and greet.

Below is a listing of activities that are in the area.

Things to NOT MISS in Lahania


  • ULALENA a can not be missed show of Hawaiian romance. Very acrobatic and different
  • Warren and Annabelles, a magic show that will keep you guessing even though he is only inches away. Cameras are welcome.
  • Domed Theater is located in the Lahaina-center mall and is a must to see Hawaii in one hour, three stories high and in air conditioning. Excellent reviews

Malls and Other

  • The Cannery Mall - Longs drugs where you will find everything you need for your Maui Vacation, Safeway to buy snacks and food, smaller mall with excellent occupants.
  • Old-Lahaina-Center mall is where you will find the theaters and shows, ample parking and easy walking to Front street should make this your regular stop.
  • Lahaina-Square a smaller mall but with great stores and a Maui Tacos restaurant. No Betta

Museums and other

  • Baldwin House see what life was like back then.
  • Wo Hing Temple an excellent way to see the what Chinese life was like on Maui.
  • Seaman's Hospital built to help the navy and other seaman during the height of the whaling days.
  • Lahaina Lighthouse a working lighthouse that replace the original that was built during King Kamehameha III reign to help ships get into Lahaina Harbor.
  • Lahaina Courthouse the courthouse built from materials left by King Kamehameha III's palace (Hale Piula) that was destroyed in 1858.
  • Hale Pa'ahao prison built to separate the sexes in early days. Used until 1957 it is now protected.
  • The Carthaginian III is a replica of a whaling ship and can be viewed in the harbor.
  • The remains of the old fort that protected the missionaries from the angry sailors is located beside the courthouse.
  • The Banyan tree in front of the old courthouse was planted in 1873 at only 8' tall, today it covers 2/3 of an acre and is home to all seeking shade. You have to see this...

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