Paia Maui Life Loving Town

Paia Maui is the place to see what life should be; carefree, fun loving, and individual. A kind of hippie town, where people are, who they are, and express themselves as such. Natural food stores and a trend toward green living is expressed by the area merchants. This east Maui town is a grass roots type of area and a definite must see.

Local shops are numerous and beg you to come and browse. Let your guard down and ask about the individual artist, they each have a story to tell through their art and adds to the significance of the piece you will take home.

Beaches of Paia Maui; Baby Beach and H.A. Baldwin Beach these two combine to make a great kids beach where a pool forms for the kids. The shore breaks are consistent for body surfing. Full facilities include a pavilion, showers, grills and tables. The last beach is really not a beach but it is an excellent surfing spot and that is Ho'okipa Beach Park. No beach to speak of but a great place to surf and wind surf. Ho'okipa also has full facilities for your needs.

If you want to see the intense labor and processing it take to add sugar to your coffee stop by the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum. Learn about sugars history and its affect on everyday life for all of Maui.

For dining in Paia Maui, there is a great number of small diners. The best thing about this area is, it is affordable. As with the shops each diner is unique and diverse, experience the Paia life with a different meal than you would normally have at home.

You can see there is something for every one here, give yourself a break from the resort and drive into Paia for a day of shopping and fun.

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