Maui-a piece of heaven

by Paul

Maui-a piece of heaven!!!

Last year, a group of my friends went to Maui for Spring break. I couldn't go with them because I was suffering from appendicitis and had gotten it removed. The doctor forbade me to travel for two weeks.

When they came back, they were full of praise for Maui. Although, their traveling history was quite impressive as for every spring and winter break, we used to plan a trip, but according to them, Maui was simply out of this world!
The pristine beaches, the glorious outdoors, the bright sunshine, oh It was just perfect!

I made up mind there and then that I would go there at the first opportunity I got. The opportunity came in the package of my two cousins who were coming to visit me from Europe. All three of us decided to go to Maui and have a ball!

True to their word, Maui was actually unlike any other beach I had visited. No wonder, more than two and a half million tourists visit this heavenly piece of land, every year. My cousins and I decided to stay as close to the beach as possible and we ended up staying at a small B&B that was run by an old European lady and her adorable husband. The place was cozy and comfortable and we loved it to bits!!!

The sun is so strong in Maui that you can get a glorious tan right on the first day! We had to make sure not to overdo it and burn ourselves. Night life was kicking and happening and naturally we were out every single night.

By the end of the trip, I knew why Maui had been awarded as 'the best island in the world' awards by the tourism industry so many times.

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